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Backbend & Inversion Exploration with Jodi Fischtein at 889 Yoga


Backbends can feel exhilarating and quite unique from our typical state of being. On a physical level backbends stimulate our central nervous system, boost our immune system, increase mobility in our spinal column, open the hips, and strengthen the legs. Backbends may also enhance our energy levels and expand our breathing capacity. In this workshop we will move through Namaskar sequences that will lengthen our quads, hips and psoas muscles. This work will guide us to the deeper back bending postures. We will begin with the fundamentals of supported back and shoulder openers. All asanas can be explored with blocks, bolsters and straps.All Levels Welcome! Beginner & Intermediate Poses

We will feel invigorated throughout our backbend exploration and neutralize this work back strengthening, seated and supine twists, gentle forward bending and Viparita Karani (Wallflower.) Together we will embrace any psychological or physical obstacles so as to give our central nervous system a chance to develop the full range of strength and opening necessary for a enhanced practice.

Price: $50 per person, $45 for 889 Members

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