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We are so much more than just muscles, bones and skin.

Learn about our subtle anatomy, the energy body, as discovered thousands of years ago by the ancient yogis. We learn a new language to explain the things that we can’t necessarily see, but can feel in our bodies, and in our hearts. These ideas are brought to life in this dynamic workshop through modern vinyasa practice.

In this module you will learn: The seven Chakras (psycho-spiritual centres) and the Nadis (rivers of energy) in the subtle body; Psychology of the Chakras and understanding ourselves through subtle body maps; Chakra Vinyasa yoga sequences; The Panca Vayus (five winds) and intuitive alignment.; Exploration of various Pranayama (breath practices); Safe inversions for all levels of students; Empowering core work for stability and strength; Bija Mantra for chakra meditation; Artistic expression and creative projects.

889 Yonge Street, Toronto November 19th, 12:00-6:30pm and November 20th, 12:00-6:30pm, $288 +HST